Football League of I.B.S.U. (I.F.L.)


Only the students, , staff and ALUMNIs of IBSU have the permission to participate in the tournament.

1. Goals and Objectives

1.1 Encourage the massive involvement of students in sport and physical culture

1.2 Establish the healthy lifestyle between students

1.3 Evaluate the best sportsmen for the University team

1.4 Get acquainted with each other


2. The Conditions of Holding Matches

2.1 The game is composed of two 20-minute halves

2.2 Each team should be composed of 5 footballers (4 on the field + a goalkeeper)

2.3 There are no limits of substitutions 


3. The Guidance of the Tournament and the Board of Referees

3.1 The tournament is guided by the IBSU Sport Department. The board of referees is composed of the staff of the above-mentioned club. The head of the board of referees is Gocha Jorjoliani.


4. The Time, Place and Participants of the Tournament

4.1 The tournament will be held on the IBSU football stadium during the whole academic year. Those teams which take accreditation in IBSU Sport Department will be permitted to participate in the tournament.

4.2 During the tournament, it’s forbidden for the students to transfer from one team to another, unless Mid-Season Transfer Window is opened.


5. The System and the Conditions of the Tournament

5.1 IBSU football league will be held with circle system. It will be composed of two halves. The winner team will be given 3 points, in case of draw teams will be given 1-1 points and in case of losing a game the team will be given 0 points.

5.2 The team which collects more points in the tournament will take advantage.

5.3 If two teams collect equal points the advantage will be given according to the following priorities:

  1. The win-lose balance against the team with the equal points.
  2. the better difference of goals scored against the team with the equal points
  3. difference between total goals scored and received
  4. amount of total goals scored


6. IBSU Cup Tournament

6.1 Cup tournament will also take place while the duration of the League tournamen (or After?) t. It will be held with Olympic system, according which the winner team out of the couple continues to participate in the tournament. In case of the draw in a cup match, penalty kicks will be appointed in order to display the winner 

7. Application Forms of the Teams

7.1 The applications should be represented to the IBSU Sport Department and the footballers should be approved by the same Department.

7.2 The applications of the teams are attached to the regulation.

7.3 Just the students, staff and ALUMNIs listed in the application have the right to participate in the league.

7.4 Students of International Black Sea University, staff and the ALUMNIs of the same institution have right to participate in the tournament

7.5 A team which is not international doesn’t have the right to participate in the tournament


8. Disciplinary Sanctions

8.1 After taking total amount of 5 yellow cards each footballer misses next calendar match

8.2 In case of taking a red card, additional amount of 2 yellow cards are added to the total balance [the term of disqualification is defined by the Disciplinary Committee of IBSU Sport Department].

8.3 The red and yellow cards are active in league and cup tournaments at the same time.

8.4 If a team misses its calendar match, it will be automatically defeated 0:5. After another absentee this team will be kicked out of the tournament. If the kicked team has played 51% of its tournament matches, in all next matches it will be automatically defeated 0 : 5. If the team is kicked out earlier than 51% played matches, all its previous results will be abolished and the members of this team will not be permitted in the next tournament.

8.5 All this information written by university administration must be known by the captain of a team and must be announced to all of the members by him/her. Otherwise the university committee is not responsible for it. That information will be given to the team captain as regulation.

8.6 Only captains are considered as responsible person to be given any information by committee and to receive any information by.


9. The Rule of Making a Complaint

9.1 The representatives of the team are obliged to warn the representatives of the Sports Department, the referee and the opposite team about making a complaint as soon as the match completion.

9.2 The representative of the complaining team has to fill in the complaint form with the complaint and his/her signature. The complaint should be turned in within 24 hours after the completion of the match.

9.3 The discussion about the disputed match will be discussed by the Disciplinary Committee of the Sports Department and the decision will be announced within 24 hours after the complaint has been turned in. 


10. Awarding Ceremony

10.1 The winner and fair play teams will be awarded by the IBSU Sports Club.


IBSU Sport Department

Giorgi Japaridze